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BJP’s Mission Kashmir: Bring Hindu CM to power

Srinagar, Aug 21(): BJP’s Mission Kashmir aims to not just come to power but install a Hindu as CM.

BJP national president Amit Shah has instructed the party, mostly the RSS workers to start work. The ruling National Conference and opposition PDP are saying that Amit Shah will do what he did in UP by polarization of voters on caste lines and this could be a recipe for disaster.

As a first move, BJP has started to work on Kashmiri Pandits who are around 1.42 lakh voters. It is now consolidating around two lakh Kashmiri Pandits scattered outside the state and get them enrolled in the voter list. If this successfully done, BJP which drew a blank in Kashmir valley can then get 8 seats out of the 46. There is also a Sikh population in the valley. The idea is to get the voting percentage high as in previous elections it was very low.

In Jammu and Ladakh regions, BJP is all set to win 33 seats as per the polling figures in Lok Sabha. J&K assembly has 87 seats and an extra 24 in PoK. These 24 seats cannot be counted in forming laws or amendments till PoK line does not exist.

BJP’s thrust in the valley is most important. Like it did in UP, Amit Shah plans to give seats to those who quit NC or PDP. Secondly, he has initiated talks with many parties which has pockets of influence in the valley as they can be used for a coalition later.

Panthers Party, Khomeini Trust, Awami Ittehad party and J&K People Conference of Sajad Lone are in talks to cut into PDP and NC influence in the valley. NC and PDP are already talking of BJP trying to achieve the impossible in a Muslim majority state and say that tinkering with the caste equations could be disastrous for the border state filled with separatist groups.

J&K BJP unit says that like in other parts of the country, voters here too are fed up of NC government. Amit Shah told the unit workers to make the impossible happen, adding that the other states which go to polls are with BJP.