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Insult to National Anthem – FB post for tricolour underwear

Thiruvananthapuram, Aug 20 (): National Anthem played in a movie hall in the capital city was greeted by hoots by a group of youngsters who also refused to stand up. They later posted on Facebook stating the need for tricolour underwear while another posted F***K Independence Day. This has triggered a outburst against the FB page and Kerala police has arrested two boys but the girls in the group including the one who wanted underwear in tricolour has not been hauled in so far.

The incident took place yesterday at Nila Theatre owned by Kerala government’s KSFDC. While theatres in private sector do not play the National Anthem, KSFDC plays the anthem at the beginning of the show with an appeal for viewers to stand up.

Earlier, it was made mandatory for theatres to play the National Anthem after the movie ended but it was done away as many were seen going out before the anthem was played. Theatre owners had ushers closing door to stop the exodus. Finally, the practice was done away.

Yet another old practice that still continues is compulsory screening of Film Division documentaries mostly centered on ruling party leader’s pet schemes. This invites hoots from viewers who are waiting for the movie to start. The movie ‘Naan Steve Lopez’ (I am Steve Lopez) was to be screened in the theatre. As the National Anthem was played, four boys and two girls were hooting seated. Other viewers objected to this. One of the viewers, a student filed a complaint with the police.

Police saw the FB page Thampatty Thampatty in which the girl who maintains it asked for tricolour underwear to be posted instead of national tricolour on social media on I-Day. She was supported by her friend Salman Zalman, a part of the group who posted a comment ending wth F***K the Independence Day. The post has since been removed. The students are studying in University College in the capital.