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BJP asserts commitment towards Women’s Reservation Bill

New Delhi, Aug. 20 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi today asserted that the BJP’s commitment towards the Women’s Reservation Bill is total, and condemned the Congress Party of fraud in the matter.

Naqvi said, “The Congress Party, under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, has tried to cheat the people on the women’s reservation issue. They have no moral right to say anything on this matter.”

“We are committed towards women’s reservation and we will bring it”, he stated.

Earlier today, Congress president Sonia Gandhi asserted that her party will make sure to get the Women’s Reservation Bill passed in parliament.

Speaking at the occasion of Rajiv Gandhi’s 70th birth anniversary, Sonia Gandhi said, “Even if we are in opposition now, we will not rest until we get the Women’s Reservation Bill passed in Parliament.”

Naqvi, however, took a dig at Sonia Gandhi by saying, “We would like to advice Sonia Gandhi and the Congress Party that they should come out of the depression of having lost in the Lok Sabha elections. They should come out of the hangover of defeat and see the ground realities, they must realize that this is not a dream but reality.”

“The truth is good governance and development which were nonexistent during their 10 years of rule, they were hijacked by corruption and bad governance. We have bailed the system out corruption and bad governance and have reinstated good governance due to which country is now back on the path of development,” Naqvi added. (ANI)