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Pakistan ISI spy ring busted by Military sleuths

New Delhi, Aug 19 (): ISI spy network operating from Meerut with moles within Army establishments in the border areas and information received from an Indian army subedar on troop movements but based in Hyderabad has been busted by Military Intelligence (MI), IB (Intelligence Bureau) and UP STF (Special Task Force).

MI picked up conversations from a subedar posted in Secunderabad who using railway phone network was passing information on Indian army movements in border areas. As Indian army personnel are not allowed to use social media network or computers,he was given a laptop and cash by the ISI agent.

Military Intelligence could not pin down as the subedar who was posted at army post in Secunderabad railway station was using phone lines that were not tapped and the VOP on net as well as satellite phone could not be decoded.

MI sleuths zeroed in on the location to find that it is coming from the railway station. As they waited, they found the subedar speaking late night using a laptop. Poddar though only a subedar had worked in regiments that were deployed in border areas. His contact with colleagues gave him information on the troop movements and phone numbers of key officers which ISI tapped.

MI making the arrest made it out a story of a ISI woman spy luring the subedar into espionage. MI spread stories of porn videos being sent by ISI woman spy to the subedar who worked inSecunderabad to fool the ISI operative. As the trail led to UP, the state UTF who knows the terrain better was put on the job.

With Meerut already reeling with communal tension, STF picked up Asif Ali, staying at Delhi Gate on Saturday; classified army documents, a Pakistani debit card and a SIM card were recovered. MI received information that Ali had been trying to get Indian Muslim youth to go to Pakistan with the documents.

Ali of Indian origin married a Karachi-based girl who put him on to ISI. The subedar network as a retired officer provided the classified documents to a pal in Secunderabad. This retired subedar link to the pal in Secunderabad could not be traced, even though he was in MI custody. The money flowed from Secunderabad to those who gave information.

Asif Ali gifted a laptop to subedar’s son living in Jhansi. Laptops and money flowed to Indian army officers after Ali visited Pakistan to collect the cash. He was then given a Pakistan bank ATM card putting funds at his reach. ISI had asked him to spread wide the dragnet to Indian army.