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Modi to put Hurriyat on house arrest – recall ambassador

New Delhi, Aug 19 (Truth Dive): Modi is likely to put Hurriyat leaders under house detention in Kashmir after Pakistan announced that it did not need permission to meet leaders from a place they considered as not part of India.

Ajit Doval’s report on Hurriyat leaders’ meet with Pakistan envoy says that the idea was to unite the separatist groups of Kashmir. This means that these groups will be united by Pakistan in Indian soil and under the nose of Modi government. This is to aid the jihad call by ISIS that has activated Taliban groups and LeT.

Ajit Doval who knew about Pakistan’s move allowed it to go on as he wanted to get a reason for Hurriyat to be taken into control. Pakistan and Hurriyat underestimated that Modi would follow the UPA policy of closing the eye on such meetings. The regrouping and unity put forth by Pakistan has put Modi after Ajit Doval told him that the talks tapped by his sleuths show that anti-national activities are going on in the embassy.

Pakistan has taken the stance that J&K is a disputed territory in the UN and not part of India. In an area not recognized as India, Pakistan has all rights to meet leaders from the region as per International protocol. As Pakistan spokesperson has said so, India will move to another step. It will recall the Indian Ambassador from Pakistan and probably close the embassy.

The Indian intelligence agencies say that Pakistan is firing on LoC posts to push in jihadis to Kashmir. As Pakistan is trying to divert attention from a political situation created by Imran Khan, the envoy move backfired as it expected a UPA-like stance of just issuing objections. The NDA would have played it down but Ajit Doval’s report on conversations that Pakistan was using Indian soil for combining separatist groups had made Modi resort to extreme steps.