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Ajit Doval-Modi nexus checkmates Pak moves

New Delhi, Aug 19 (): Ajit Doval, the National Security Advisor got a call on his hotline in the morning. The caller was Narendra Modi. He asked him whether the separatists invited by Pakistan High Commission were sure to attend.

Ajit Doval said IB men tracking the invitees were indeed in the capital and nothing is likely to change as a red carpet has been rolled out. After a pause, Ajit Doval told Modi that Pakistan is sending a signal that Hurriyat is officially recognized and India ignoring it and going ahead with diplomatic talks will weaken his various operations coordinated by RAW-MI and IB. The caller put down the phone.

He called Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh and Sushma in that order. A note was circulated to cabinet ministers calling off the talks with Pakistan. Modi then called Ajit Doval and told him that the meeting between Shah the Hurriyat leader and Pak envoy Basit should be ‘monitored’. He wanted to know the topic on which he has to publicly declare a decision through the External Affairs ministry. The minute Shah stepped out of Pakistan High Commission, a transcript of the conversation reached PM’s desk. The contents made the PM’s face grim. A curt call went to MEA office and the announcement that talks were off was given to media by spokesperson Syed.

Foreign secretary Sujatha Singh had earlier in the day told Basit that talks with Hurriyat should be called off but she never realized that the talks would be called off. This is the first time that a foreign policy is discussed with the National Security Advisor.

Ajit Doval had given a dossier on the Pakistan non-state actors working on Jihad plans in Kashmir. This prompted Modi to tell in his visit to Kashmir that Pakistan should stop the proxy war. Ajit Doval had said that UPA had ignored such meetings with Hurriyat and gone ahead with diplomacy, leaving the intelligence agencies red-faced.

Ajit Doval made it sure that Pak PM who attended Modi’s swearing-in ceremony did not meet any Kashmir separatists. This hit the morale of separatists in the valley and that helped Ajit Doval’s Mission Jihad.