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Was Rahul the reason for BJP to dump Varun Gandhi?

New Delhi, Aug 18 (): BJP dropping Varun Gandhi from the General Secretary post has triggered many possible reasons for Amit Shah to do the unthinkable.

BJP has not benefitted much from Varun or his mother Maneka Gandhi except that when both were inducted into the party in 2004, it boasted of having the great grandson of Nehru and great-great grandson of Motilal Nehru.

One theory doing the rounds is that as another great grandson Rahul Gandhi has been rejected by the youth for an older Modi, Varun Gandhi has lost his relevance to BJP. BJP’s PM candidate had spoken about Prince Rahul and the dynasty raj in Congress.

Now, Modi and Amit Shah found Gandhis plotting another dynasty raj in BJP but in the backyard of UP. As mother wanted her son to be UP CM, Varun Gandhi’s youth brigade took out pages on social media espousing their idol for the state head.

As the Congress is itself calling for Priyanka to revive the party and day by day many leaders who lost the polls are coming up with public statements that put the party debacle at the feet of Rahul, BJP does not see any use for the Gandhi tag.

Congress is not buying this theory of Varun’s ejection linked to Rahul as they say that their VP is the boss while Varun in BJP is one among many. Some in the saffron party say that the Gandhis never believed in a Modi wave.

In Sultanpur, Varun did not have posters of him and Modi together where he wanted to show his clout. It was Varun’s idea to shift from Philbhit to Sultanpur which is close to Amethi and not Modi’s. Varun told the media that the crowds in Kolkata for Modi rally was not as big as made out by campaign managers and termed it okay.

Modi does not tolerate campaigns without his approval to go online like ‘Varun for UP CM’. It cannot be the anti-dynastic reason alone since two former UP CMs, Kalyan and Rajnath have pitched their sons for CM post but without any publicity or youth brigades rooting for them.

Varun’s camp says that since Maneka Gandhi is a Union minister, the party did not want her son to be a general secretary. Gandhis in any party always create a buzz.