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Politics breaks out over Andhra capital

Hyderabad,Aug 17 (): Andhra capital issue has got caught in a political war among political parties and various citizen groups are coming out in protest. There is a threat of reviving the Rayalaseema agitation.

Congress and opposition party YSRC has objected to Vijayawada as a temporary capital as the Sivaramakrishnan Committee report  is yet to come. YSRC and Congress say that the capital location should be a consensus among the parties and not a unilateral decision of Andhra CM.

The pitch for Donakonda as capital is getting bigger as the opposition claims that the committee is zeroed on it with 60,000 acres of government land lying vacant. The Andhra state capital coming up in Donakonda will improve the fortunes of Prakasam district.

By making Donakonda the capital city, the Andhra Pradesh government would do justice to Rayalaseema. Rayalaseema Rajadhani Sadhana Samithi (RRSS) an organization that fights for Kurnool as capital says that it was the capital before 1956 but surrendered the position later. Now that a situation has arisen, the Andhra government should consider Kurnool. The argument is that Vijayawada and Guntur are congested and there is point in adding to it.

NDA would go ahead with UPA project to build three International airports in Andhra. Vijayawada airport facility needs to be upgraded and Andhra government has to provide land for runway expansion, said aviation minister Raju.

Tirupati and Vizag are the other cities to get International airport. Airports are to come up in 11 districts and Raju said the Centre was going to back up this and Andhra should come up with land. Government employees are in a fix as many of them have their children studying in Hyderabad and now to shift to Vijayawada in the middle of academic year is a problem. They may have to maintain two houses as finding house and admission in Vijayawada schools is a big headache. Camp offices of ministers, directorates and commissioner are those who have to shift to Vijayawada.