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Andhra capital: bonanza for politicos

Hyderabad, Aug 16 (): Andhra Pradesh’s new capital city has come as windfall for farmers as politicians of various parties are buying barren lands with the hope to make a killing later on.

Many politicians mostly Congressmen who encroached government lands and temple properties during the YSR and Kiran Reddy regime are waiting for the announcements. Andhra Pradesh CM who spoke on I-Day said that the capital has to be between Vijayawada and Guntur, citing logistics problems for other regions.

Leaders of YSRC and TD have bought land in Vijayawada outskirts. 150 acres of land were bought in Agripalli as news about the capital spread. In Vijayawada, the price for a sq.ft of land is above Rs 2 lakh. On the outskirts of the city, the rate is going for Rs 10,000. In Guntur, the price is touching Rs 1 lakh for a sq.ft and in outskirts, the rate is Rs 25,000 for a sq.ft in Tenali and works out lesser in Nalanda University layout.

A white paper on real estate called Final Governance says that encroachment of forest land and urban areas has increased four fold and crimes and cases related to land in Andhra Pradesh. From 2004- ’14, Congress ministry in Andhra under the cover of SEZ gave away land to party cronies and bureaucrats. Most of the encroachments were in Krishna and Guntur district.

In Krishna district, around 15,000 acres of forest land has been encroached by Andhra politicians and in Guntur the area usurped is said to be from temple properties. Politicians are spreading rumours of various development schemes to increase the price of land. This angered Naidu who ordered ministers to stop the speculation.

Andhra CM yesterday announced that Kurnool would be made a smart city and also setting up Agriculture and Urudu university in the region. Kurnool known as ‘Gateway of Rayalaseema’ is to get many industries and a bund dam to give water as well a national highway to link to other cities.

Naidu said that availability of land was not enough for a capital but it has to have a city life and added IIT in Kadappa as an example where no one was willing to work.