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Global tenders to be floated for Andhra capital

Hyderabad, Aug 14 (): Andhra Pradesh’s new capital will be built by those who are successful in the global tender to be floated by the government.

As the capital city is going to be modelled on well-planned cities with world class standards, Andhra Pradesh is looking towards internationally reputed infra companies.

The capital formation is going to be more faster than expected. Andhra CM Chandrababu Naidu also has decided to speed up the exit from Hyderabad as early as possible. The first step was the decision to shift part of Andhra’s government offices to Vijayawada. The city which was neglected now has got the much needed boost.

The shift to Vijayawada is seen as a first move since Naidu wants the Andhra capital to be located between this city and Guntur. The reason for such a decision is that both these cities have schools, hospitals and lots of urban housing due to which the Andhra Pradesh government employees who shift to the capital can use the facilities in these two cities.

The idea is also to bring Vijayawada and Guntur into the new capital city on the lines of Greater Hyderabad. If these cities are brought under the limits of the new capital, it will be much bigger than Hyderabad. To get the land, Andhra government is to take the pooling system by which barren lands owned by farmers will be acquired and in turn will get developed plots of the same size at a later stage. The price will be at least 10 times more than the barren land the farmers surrendered.

Andhra Pradesh government is short listing reputed builders, architects and urban planners from across the country who has hands-on experience in building cities. This panel will start work as soon as the Sivaramakrishna Committee submits its report.

Indications are that the committee report coming in August 20 will list out a few options indicating the plus and minus aspects of the locations. The State Government will take a decision on the location choice ratified by the Union government. This is to take the Centre into confidence as funds have to come from the Union government.

Locating Government offices in Medha IT Park in Vijayawada will create problems for those already working from the premises as the area is under SEZ and it will have to be denotified. It will remove all tax benefits to those working in the SEZ zone.