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Dr Swamy’s trip to Sri Lanka seminar triggers protest

Chennai/Puducherry, Aug 14 (): Sri Lanka’s military conference to be held on August 18 has infuriated pro-Tamil activists in both Chennai and Puducherry. Political parties have condemned NDA’s decision to send Dr Subramanian Swamy to represent India. The defence seminar started in 2011 is a three-day annual affair and the topic this time is` Sri Lanka ; Challenges to a Rising Nation’.

The seminar will be hosted at Hotel Galadari in the capital city of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan government says that “ the organizing skills of the Army blended with the tropical hospitality of Galadari hotel, guarantees the visitor to the seminar a comfortable stay and intellectual environment appropriate to the seminar”.

It further adds that the Sri Lanka Army is the custodian of the Seminar and invites decision makers on the subject, to share their valuable knowledge . Those who enroll as delegate in the seminar are given free food, stay and ride on inland waterways.

Dr Subramanian Swamy who is seen as a decision maker has been nominated by Modi ministry to share his knowledge with Sri Lankan army. Dr Swamy had told the media a few days ago in Madurai that he has no plans to opt out of the Indian delegation.

DMK and MDMK (an ally of NDA) have asked Modi to boycott the seminar. Human Rights Watch had termed this seminar started in 2011 as a PR exercise to gloss over the war crimes.

Activists in Puducherry conducted a mock funeral of Dr Swamy to condemn his trip to Sri Lanka. The funeral procession was not allowed to proceed to the cremation ground and the activists then tried to bury the effigy in a sewage gutter but the police snatched the ‘body’ from the group and foiled the cremation.

Tamil parties like MDMK who are in the forefront of anti-Sri Lanka movement is increasingly finding it difficult to explain their ally, BJP’s stance on the island nation.

Meantime, Sri Lanka had decided to release all Indian fishermen in its custody as a goodwill gesture on India’s I-Day.