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Prakash Raj narrowly escapes accident

Chennai, Aug 13 (): Popular actor-director-producer Prakash Raj had a narrow escape on Tuesday from an accident when his car was hit by a bus while waiting at a traffic signal in Hyderabad.

The actor took to his Twitter page to share his feelings while he was involved in the accident. He posted, “Had a miraculous escape as a bus rammed into us from behind at a tragic signal. Cars jammed. Family thrown out of an auto. Chaos but….”

Prakash Raj escaped miraculously uninjured in the road accident that happened near Hyderabad’s Hi-Tec City. The actor was returning back from his shooting for his forthcoming movie, Rudramadevi. His vehicle was waiting for a traffic signal to be opened, when a moving RTC bus hit on his car. A case under Section 304-A was registered at the nearest police station.

The star was extremely shocked by the accident and even more shocked on seeing the reaction of the people at the spot as soon as the accident happened. He was alarmed to see the non-chalant youth. They were not trying to save the people who were involved in the accident. The affected people were thrown around, but still the youngsters did not have concern over them. They were just taking pictures of him and the accident.

Prakash Raj said it was a great shame for the Indian community. He added more than the shock of a possible death, he was extremely shaken by the inhuman approach of people.

He further wrote in his Twitter Account, “What’s happened to us? Where are we heading?”

Finally the actor thanked fans and his well-wishers for their love and concern. He wrote, “To one n all pouring concern n love to me. Was shaken for some time. I’m fine now. Thank you for your love. Smile be happy let me relax now”.