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ISIS recruitment drive through web

New Delhi,Aug 13 (): ISIS, the militant organization has posted a video on You Tube and jihadi forums targeting Tamil and North Indian youths asking them to join the war against Iraq. The video has Urdu and Hindi subtitles.

Al Isabah Media, the producers of the video is listed in Twitter as the arm of ‘Ansar ut Tawheed Fi Bilad Al Hind’ (supporters of monotheism in the Land of India). The organization’s Twitter and FB account has links to various jihadi propaganda and leads to a book in Hindi which lists out 44 ways to take part in jihad.

The book’s author Anwar Awalaki was killed and the Hindi version was written by Abu Haider Al Hindi. The IB says that the video using terms like Hind is to give it an Indian link. The video makes sense in the background of reports of Tamil youths sporting ISIS T-shirts and some youths fighting along with the organization as well some from Thane in Maharashtra having gone to Syria to join the jihad.

The video shows a Canadian Muslim firing a rocket, fighting and dying in the combat. It has Tamil and Urdu subtitles exhorting the youths to lay down their lives for creation of a caliphate.

ISIS chief Al Baghdadi in his Ramzan message said that Indians along with foreign nationals from Germany, USA, China and France were fighting with him. He termed India as a country where Muslim rights have been forcibly usurped.

The ISIS has posted nine videos and one of them is from its spokesperson Adani. ISIS chief in a video says that West has ignored killing of Muslims in Burma, Indonesia, Philippines and Kashmir. India has been targeted by ISIS in another video which shows the chief asking Taliban, Al-Qaeda and IM to target Kashmir.

IB now feels that Tamil Nadu, parts of UP and Maharashtra have become recruitment areas for ISIS after the web campaign.