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Doubts on Andhra IT hub plan

Hyderabad, Aug 13 (): Andhra Pradesh IT hub has raised many questions about availability of suitable land and implementation of compulsory internship to 1.3 lakh students studying IT related subjects.

Software professionals say that an Information Technology Investment Region needs to come up in Vijayawada which accounts for 25% of the software generated. As per International norms, an IT company has to have 100 sq.ft per employee. According to this, the IT hub will need fifty million square feet to accommodate 5 lakh employees as per the plan drawn by Andhra Pradesh for five years.

Andhra has also mentioned about a signature tower on the lines of Hyderabad’s Cyber Tower; the authorities have identified 10,000 acres of land which is 60 kms away from the city. Critics ask while Hyderabad could give employment to 3.5 lakh people in IT  in 25 years, how will Andhra give 5 lakh jobs in five years?

Citing that land availability in a proper place was important to attract investors, the critics point that 28 plots in IT SEZ located at Gambherham is lying vacant for want of takers. Andhra Pradesh had thrown open the SEZ five years back in 51 acres of land. The location was a reason for no investors coming forward.

The present incubation hub is at Rishikonda and it is only 50,000 sqft and can employ 500 persons. To employ 5 lakh, Andhra will have to need 1000 more buildings of this magnitude and whether it will get the money and land in the right place is the question.

Another thought is that Vijayawada has Medha IT Park with 1.75 lakh sq.ft space lying unused and this should be promoted by the Government. They say that IT should not just be about service sector but should encourage innovations in software development and start-ups.

Instead of ITIR in Vizag or Tirupati, Vijayawada which already has the infrastructure should be developed. Colleges are worried about getting the students’ internship in companies as the government has made it compulsory. Academicians say that this can be implemented starting from first year onwards and those now in the final year can be taken for internship only if the government talks to the companies.