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Muslim girls learn Sanskrit in Jharkhand schools

Dhanbad, Aug 12 (): Sanskrit has been chosen over Urdu and Persian by 100 Muslim girls in Jharkhand government schools here. This shatters the belief that Sanskrit is a language of the upper Hindu caste as it is associated with sacred Hindu texts.

The 100 Muslim girls in two Jharkhand schools say that learning Sanskrit is easier than studying Persian or Urdu and it helps them score good marks. Muslim girls wearing headscarves sit in rows chanting Sanskrit verses from Hindu texts like Bhagvad Gita, Vedas and Upanishads at the schools in Gomoh, a village in Jharkhand.

The girls who are preparing for Class X exams said that it was their parents who told them to learn Sanskrit. The school Principal who teaches the language to the higher classes say that the Muslim girls show great interest in the study of Sanskrit. Most of them score 80-90% marks. He said that the choice was by the girls and the simplicity had made it attractive. The Muslim students have no objection in chanting Hindu slokas. Many felt that it was easier than Urdu, their mother tongue.

The situation in Azad Hind School in the village is even more surprising. Prinicipal Minz says that the school has a full time Urdu teacher but many Muslim girls opted for Sanskrit and so he had to appoint an instructor for this language. Alam a Muslim who studied Sanskrit in school says that he is confident of getting a job as teacher in a school.

CBSE circular to observe Sanskrit Week in all central schools in India was vehemently opposed by all Tamil political parties including TN CM. She termed it as imposition of one group culture on others. Others wanted the circular to be changed to observe Tamil week.

A PIL was filed in Madras High Court against the CBSE. The court did not see any sinister motive and said that the circular had only given an option to schools and can be seen as a move to make the students familiar with the language. The petitioner said that CBSE was imposing Sanskrit on the ground that it was mother of all Indian languages.