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Cairo talks continue on the second day of Gaza truce

Cairo, Aug 12 (): As the 72-hour truce of Gaza had entered into its second day, the negotiators in Cairo are trying to get a permanent end to the bloodshed.

A delegation from Jerusalem came back to Cairo yesterday after the 72-hour ceasefire started — the second such ceasefire agreed by Hamas and Israel in less than a week.

Even though the negotiators of Israel flew in and out of Cairo on Monday, no details about the talks were released.

In Cairo, the Egyptian intelligence peacekeepers were involved in discussions with Palestinian delegations. They were to communicate the demands of Palestine to the negotiators of Israel, who went back to Egypt after quitting the talks when the rocket attacks continued on southern Israel.

Cairo has insisted the fighting sides to practice the new pause to reach “a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire”, after struggles to lengthen a similar kind of truce last week distorted into a blaze of violence.

Egypt hopes to close with a “comprehensive and permanent” ceasefire agreement in Gaza Strip to make way for entrance of charitable aid and rebuilding the war-ravaged coastal territory.

The UN humanitarian’s top official for Palestinian territories, James Rawley, said Israel’s security worries must be spoken but cautioned that without concluding the blocks, another conflict is more likely to happen.

Palestinian representatives in Cairo said they would be happy for the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmud Abbas, to take over the rebuilding of Gaza and perform any contract reached in Cairo.

Hamas is asking for an end to Egyptian and Israeli blocks of Gaza Strip and also opening a harbour in the territory, but Israel says this scheme should be dealt with in the future talks only for permanent peace deal with the Palestinians.

Meantime, Gaza has been silent following the days of 72-hour truce which has been observed through an Egyptian-brokered intervention to stem violence which has killed 1,940 Palestinians and 67 on the Israeli side since July 8.