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Andhra capital row angers Naidu

Hyderabad, Aug 12 (): Andhra CM Naidu at the cabinet meeting in Lake View Guest House flared up at the ministers for issuing statements on the location of the new capital. He also wanted to know as to why ministers were issuing statements about Andhra going to have a district for tribals.

The Sivaramakrishna Committee report that is studying the new State capital issue is scheduled to complete the work by month end. So far, the committee has envisaged that Andhra’s new capital should be modelled on top class cities in India and abroad and can be constructed in 5000 hectares. The location was said to be Guntur.

Naidu got angry since students went on a rampage in Rayalaseema district collector office on hearing that Sivaramakrishna Committee members were in town to study the feasibility of the region for a capital.

Rayalaseema Rajadhana Sadhana Samithi, a group of activists formed to fight for establishing the capital has launched protests in Kurnool which has now spread over to Kadappa where YSRC MP Bhutta Renuka is spearheading it.

A massive dharna is on with the slogan, ‘Guntur Hatao Kadappa Bachchao’ (Remove Guntur, Save Kadappa). The non-political organization points out that Rayalaseema is the most backward region in the State and it has lots of barren land which need not be bought as it is owned by the government.

The clamour for capital city is likely to arise from many districts. The  MLAs asked Naidu to ask ministers to stop speculating on the capital city location. They pointed out that the Urban Development minister who is in charge of the new capital city for Andhra is himself indulging in such talk.

Naidu has taken the stance that the location will be decided by him as urban planners have suggested that the government offices should be located in one place, industrial zone in another and urban housing in another zone and have it connected by express highways and small airports. They point out that by putting all infrastructures in Hyderabad created a neglect of other parts of Andhra and now paying a price for it after the bifurcation. This model is not likely to gain acceptance as investments from private sector will come only if the capital is in one place and Union government’s contribution might not be big due to monetary crunch.

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