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Mission Hyderabad behind TRS fight for police control

Hyderabad, Aug 11 (): Hyderabad has become a prestige issue for the TRS as it has to show that the capital is with it.

Elections to civic body GHMC is due by year-end. BJP’s ‘man of the match’ will arrive on August 20 to prepare a plan to make party’s alliance with Telegu Desam work and put TRS in a fix. The fact that BJP’s president is coming over to devise a plan for a civic body election shows how important it is.

In this backdrop, if one sees the sudden volte face of Telangana State CM KCR on the Governor’s control on police, the picture will be clear. KCR is said to have mopped up support of TMC and BJD in Lok Sabha to create a ruckus on the Governor issue.

KCR who was party to bifurcation of the State had agreed to clause 8 of AP reorganization bill which gave Governor the control of law and order to Hyderabad as it would be a common capital for both the states. The control would go to Telangana after ten years.

Another stakeholder TDP too agreed and the bill was passed in Parliament. The Centre is duty bound to implement an Act passed in Parliament.

KCR according to political circles is raising this issue with an eye on the civic polls. In the previous poll, it did not contest as it knows that it cannot win. If this time it loses Hyderabad , then other parts of Telangana will know about KCR’s hold.

TRS is banking on MIM which is a force in Old City dominated by Muslims. Going by the Assembly poll results, TRS has won only two constituencies in Hyderabad. MIM, an ally of TRS won 7 seats. TDP- BJP combine won 11 constituencies in Greater Hyderabad.

BJP hopes to break the MIM strongholds through TDP. A backlash from Seemandhra origin settlers in the city after the government started a demolition of illegal colonies; a survey to identify Telangana origin natives so that Seemandhra settlers are denied subsidized ration, takeover of Agricultural University and now the row over police control will give BJP a breakthrough.

Yet another reason is that TRS will be helpless to manipulate electoral machinery without police support.