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Israel, Hamas begin another three-day cease-fire, agree to more talks

Jerusalem, Aug 11 (): Israel and the Palestinian militants have agreed for a new 72-hour cease-fire that began one minute after midnight on Monday, and they have also agreed to restart the Egyptian-mediated talks towards a stronger solution.

The final siren was heard at 11:48 p.m in Israel. Earlier, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would not start talks as long as the attacks persisted. The truce was offered by Egypt, which has laid on-again, off-again discussions in an attempt to deliver a broader agreement to close the fighting.

In the previous talks that happened on Friday, the officials of Israel went out of the talks. The representatives of Palestine remained in Cairo for talks with the officials of Egypt but they threatened to leave if Israel did not modify its negotiating positions.

Finally, the announcement about the ceasefire came on Sunday after several hours of discussions in Cairo where the Palestinian groups accepted the deal. The officials of Israel accepted the proposal little later.

The Foreign Ministry of Egypt said the truce would permit humanitarian assistance into Gaza regions and the restarting of indirect discussions on a more comprehensive and durable deal.

But, many previous truces have expired or collapsed, followed by new fighting, and it is not clear immediately whether both the sides had progressed nearer to a proposal on the disputed issues.

The Egyptian-brokered discussions have intended to initiate a settlement to close the fight that started on 8 July and had killed more than 1,900 Palestinians and wounded about 10,000. The Israeli military had stated that in Israel, 67 people have been killed, including three civilians.

Hamas stresses that Egypt and Israel lift their boundary blockades, whereas Israel says the radical group that takes the control of Gaza region must get rid of their arms for any long-term arrangement to take place.