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Inconsistencies in NDA Govt’s statement on WTO disrupts RS proceedings

New Delhi, Aug.11 (ANI): The Rajya Sabha had to be adjourned twice during Question Hour on Monday, after the Congress raised strong objection to what termed inconsistencies in the NDA Government’s statements on the WTO.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, however, rebutted criticism of the government, saying there was no contradiction in the government’s stand on the issue.

The Congress bench, led by former Commerce Minister Anand Sharma, today maintained that the present government had compromised on the nation’s stand on food security at the at the recent Geneva round of WTO negotiations, Modi had said.

The Congress said that while it had taken a tough stand on food security in WTO meetings last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was contradicting what Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said on the floor of the House.

Jaitley, rejected the Congress argument, saying, “There is no contradiction in what the Commerce Minister and the Prime Minister have said.”

The ruckus resulted in the Uppaer House being adjourned till 2 p.m.. (ANI)