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Ex-boxing promoter Frank Maloney now living as woman named Kellie

London, Aug 11 (ANI): Former boxing promoter Frank Maloney, who guided Lennox Lewis to the world heavyweight title, has revealed that he is undergoing gender reassignment and now lives as a woman called Kellie.

Maloney drew broad support from the boxing world after disclosing that she had undergone hormone therapy, hair removal electrolysis, voice coaching and specialist counselling for the past two years.

She said that she was born in the wrong body and has always known that she was a woman. Maloney added that she cannot keep living in the shadows, and that is why she is doing what she is today, The Guardian reported.

Maloney said that living with the burden any longer would have killed her, adding that what was wrong at birth is now being medically corrected. She said that she has a female brain.

Maloney also said that she knew she was different from the minute she could compare herself to other children. She said that she wasn’t in the right body and was jealous of girls.

Maloney, who supported Lewis in his successful bid for the world heavyweight title in 1993, and managed other Commonwealth and European boxing champions, called time on his three-decade boxing career last October, saying that she had fallen out of love with the sport.

Maloney said that she had never told anyone in boxing about how she felt trapped in the wrong body since childhood. She said that can one imagine her walking into a boxing hall dressed as a woman and putting an event on.

She said that she can imagine what they would scream at her, but if she had been in the theatre or arts world nobody would blink an eye about this transition.

The former boxing promoter said that the boxing community can think whatever they want about her now, adding that she has come to terms with her transition but she does not understand it. Maloney added that she hopes society would be open-minded. (ANI)