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Narendra Modi’s portal bypasses regular media

New Delhi,Aug 10 (): Narendra Modi’s backroom boys are back in action and this time they are bypassing the traditional form of communication to reach the people. The team was part of the digital war room which worked behind-the-scenes.

Narendra Modi touched base with millions during his Lok Sabha campaign using the social media. Now the idea is to use the internet to get people to have a say in governance and provide a platform for the PM to talk to his citizens without having to depend on newspapers and television. The platform also gives Narendra Modi the feedback on various schemes of NDA without having to wait for media reports which can sometimes be manipulated.

Mygov.nic.in, the portal is the digital squad’s brainchild that came up with the ‘Mission 272+’ slogan.P M Narendra Modi now sends messages to the people directly and gets them involved through suggestions and submitting drafts on various policies.

Clean Ganga and many other initiatives are topics that are now people talking on the portal. Hiren Joshi who was with Narendra Modi in Gujarat is the brain behind the portal. He keeps Modi informed about what is trending in social media. He set up the portal that went live within minutes of Narendra Modi becoming PM.

Modi’s interaction with public is also a sign that he does believe in the media guys in Delhi. The media too is realizing that Modi is no more dependent on them to reach out to people.

Joshi says that the use of online media is nothing new to Modi as he used it to reach out to masses in Gujarat. He says that when almost every mobile has an internet connection, it is the best medium. The IT cell however does not term it as a substitute for regular media but the fact that 1.5 lakh signed in and around two lakh photos and 700 study reports have been uploaded on the portal shows the reach.

An insider in PMO office said that the media in Delhi should come to terms that they cannot have a free ride like it was with UPA as Modi had the major media houses against him and still came out trumps on the strength of his popularity through direct reach. He pointed out the recent overseas trips of Narendra Modi did away with the media and took to only official media.