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Manmohan Singh’s house was nearly burnt by anti-Sikh mob

New Delhi,Aug 10 ():Manmohan Singh’s house was almost burned down during the anti-Sikh riots and that his apology on behalf of the Congress in the Rajya Sabha in 2005 was a very difficult speech but a very moving one, said ex-PM’s daughter in a TV interview.

‘Strictly personal-Manmohan and Gurusharan,’ the biography of her parents written by Daman and to be released today told Karan Thapar in his show on Headlines Today that she felt her father should write his memoirs but did not know whether he was doing so.

The book chronicles the life of Manmohan Singh and his wife till the former became PM. Daman recalls the incident when anti-Sikh mob landed up at their Ashok Vihar house to burn it down. At that time Manmohan Singh was RBI Governor and away in Mumbai on an official visit.

Only Manmohan’s eldest daughter Upinder Singh and her husband were at home by then. They were newly married. Upinder Singh is a Professor at Delhi teaching history. The crowd surged towards the house. Upinder’s husband went out and told the mob that it was his house. Since he is not a Sikh and a Hindu, the crowd turned away. Upinder’s husband is Vijay Thanka, a professor of philosophy. Daman says she could recognize many faces in the crowd. Talking about the apology in Rajya Sabha, she said that her father did not take it personal but only as what the Sikhs went through.

Daman said that her father Manmohan Singh did not keep away from the media and instead it was the media that changed. She said that Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister had several interactions with the media and is still game for an interesting interaction.

Daman when asked as to how she felt the public opinion had changed against her father towards the end, she termed that opinions were transient but personally she felt sad that all the hard work was not appreciated.

Manmohan Singh has three daughters. Daman is the second daughter who studied at St Stephens and Anand’s Institute of Rural Management. Her first book was the ‘Last Frontier; People and Forests in Mizoram’. The book to be released today is her second. She has written a fictional novel ‘Nine to Nine’ in which she writes about India in pre-mobile era. She herself does not have a mobile phone.

Her husband is Ashok Patnaik IPS and works in Intelligence Bureau. Manmohan Singh’s youngest daughter Amrit Singh is married to Borton Beebe, a professor of Law at New York University. She works as staff attorney at American Civil Liberties Union. She co-authored a book ‘Administration of Torture’. Singh’s eldest daughter Upinder has written four books, the latest one challenging the Marxian outlook of Indian History.