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RSS to counter love Jihad with rakhi

Lucknow, Aug 9 (): RSS has asked its workers across the nation to start observing a week long Raksha Bandhan starting from August 10 to combat the love jihad of the Muslims.

The RSS directive says that workers should tie rakhi to everybody, irrespective of men or women and make them take a pledge that they will uphold Hindu culture and protect the religion. The RSS diktat says that it should be implemented vigorously in UP where Hindu religion is under threat. This comes in the background of the alleged forced conversion of a Hindu woman in Meerut.

Each RSS volunteer will get 100 rakhis. Usually rakhi is tied by the sister on the hands of the brother. It is also tied by girls on hands of boys who they regard as brothers. RSS says that it is not necessary that women should tie rakhi on men’s hands. Men can tie on men and women’s hand as the rakhi is a symbol of Hinduism and it is to protect and uphold the religion.

RSS says that ten lakh rakhis should be tied on Hindus and by this any attempt to convert anyone to other religions will be foiled. Anyone wearing a rakhi makes a statement that he or she is under RSS protection.

Raksha Bandhan is also observed as Hindu-Muslim unity day. Muslim girls tie rakhi on Hindu boys’ hands and vice versa. Rabindranath Tagore used the occasion to unite two communities in Bengal during the British rule. Soldiers in border areas of Punjab and other parts of India have women from villages coming to tie rakhi on Raksha Bandhan as the occasion signifies that the sister prays for the well being of the brother and in turn the brother assures her of his duty to protect her.

Love jihad is term coined by Hindu organizations. They allege that Muslim youth target girls of other religions and pretend to be in love. As a pretext of marrying them, they are converted to Islam and later left to fend for themselves after marriage. The stories of such incidents cropped up in Karnataka and parts of Kerala.

Later on, it was reported in other parts and in UK too. Sikh girls were targeted in UK. Catholic Bishop Council and other Hindu and Sikh groups say it exists. Investigating agencies have not found any evidence to support it.

In the Meerut rape incident, the claim is that the girl was in love with a Muslim boy and converted to Islam. After marriage she was allegedly gang-raped. Hindu groups say that the girl was forcibly converted. UP police say that the girl had sex with her husband with her consent and there is no rape or forced conversion.