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Police mutiny likely in Telangana, says IB report

Hyderabad,Aug 9 (): Telangana police force is likely to face a mutiny engineered by the Chief Minister according to sources.

Intelligence reports reaching Home Ministry say that Telangana CM KCR is politicizing the police forces over the directive from Centre that control of police in Hyderabad would be with the Governor. Telangana CM has officially told the Centre that it would not abide by the clause 8 of the AP reorganization Act which gives Governor the power to be the head of the police force stationed in the capital.

All SP rank and Commissioners of Hyderabad and Cyberabad would report to the Governor and he would decide on the posting of men to guard establishments. The law makes the Telangana CM helpless and powerless like the Delhi CM. Telangana CM will have powers over the cops outside the capital city. KCR has sent out letters to other State CMs to attend a conclave to protest against fascist Modi and block the dilution of State powers. BJP and Congress-ruled States are not likely to back KCR.

Intelligence report says that IPS officers are willing to go with Governor’s order. KCR through party leaders and ministers are working on lower ranks promising them promotions and increments if they stood with TRS ministry. This has created a situation by which the top echelons of police brass whose promotions are to be ratified by the Centre are with the Governor and feels it will be a relief to be away from the bossy TRS leaders.

If the Centre pushes through clause 8, then there are chances for a mutiny to erupt in the force encouraged by Telangana ministry. This could have serious ramifications. Seemandhra CM has welcomed the Centre’s move as TRS using police force is going on a demolition of colonies which were pro-TDP.

The takeover of the Agricultural University and refusing to reimburse the fees of students of Andhra origin studying in Telangana have irked the Centre. The latest move to conduct a household survey to weed out Andhra origin persons and cut them out from ration and state-subsidized measures is the new one that has made the Centre fear that many establishments and prime properties in Hyderabad owned by Seemandhra bigwigs could face an onslaught by TRS ministry.