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Into the Storm ~ Exclusive Review

 Into the Storm ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, Aug 9 (): Into the storm, is a video footage on catastrophic calamity caused by Tornadoes directed by Steven Quale and the movie stars Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh and Max Deacon.

The movie opens with a bunch of college grads filming their own documentary for their final submission. Gary played by Richard is the vice-principal of a high school in  a fictional town Silverton and is a single father of two teenage sons. As you might have already predicted, one of his sons is stuck in the storm and Gary is on the run to rescue.

On the other side of the town, a group of storm chasing professionals film the upcoming tornado and try to figure out the course of the tornado.

 Into the Storm ~ Exclusive Review

Pete played by Matt Walsh is a storm chaser who laid down his life to build a unique automobile Titus. He’s pompous about his invention as she can resist a storm unlike any other storm shelter with her unique design ranging from 4 mm solid metal body with the anchors which roots itself to the ground to the built-in cameras within the bullet resistant gorilla glasses.

Pete’s pomposity is evidently proven wrong; however, it’s worth while it lasts.

 Into the Storm ~ Exclusive ReviewThe screenplay is too loose and spends more than one-third of 80 minutes in introducing the characters around which the plot evolves.

The movie gives you a flawless visual experience of a tornado and it’s after-effects; however, director’s aftermath on holding audiences awe-struck fails. It doesn’t leave an impact of the storm and is belittled as though it was just a passing cloud.

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