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Meet Amit Mitra who called Tata a senile

New Delhi,Aug 8 (): Amit Mitra the man who diagnosed Ratan Tata of being senile and delusional is No 2 as Finance and Industry minister in Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet. He has many a chequered past.

Amit Mitra from the analysis of his past statements does not surprise many about his diagnosis of the mental health of India’s top corporate boss and in fact shows that he has what in medical terms termed selective mental amnesia.

Let’s start by the good things first. Amit Mitra’s induction into the cabinet was like Sonia Gandhi bringing in Dr Manmohan Singh or Jyoti Basu making Das Gupta as Finance minister. Both had no political background and had degrees from foreign universities on economics. Amit Mitra like these two economists can play with figures.

Politicians usually like such persons in key posts as they at no point can grow big enough to challenge the master. CPM which chose ministers looking into their seniority was not happy with Das Gupta but the finance minister who had Jyoti Basu’s blessing continued even in Buddhadeb ministry.

Amit Mitra was responsible for making FICCI into an organized body and voice for corporate when it was CII that was taken seriously. Mitra is adept at bringing out figures to show how it is Bengal and not Gujarat is an investor-friendly place.

Now, let’s look at past utterances of Amit Mitra. As organizing secretary of FICCI, he said sending Tata out of Singur would keep away Indian investors and even from outside to West Bengal and CPM knows about it. It was when Mamata was on a drive to shut down the Nano plant. Amit Mitra was at a Yale function when Ratan Tata was given legend in leadership award in 2010.

In 2011 elections when TMC and Congress were allies, Amit Mitra called himself a student of Dr Manmohan Singh. When TMC parted ways, he was critical of his master neglecting Bengal. Mitra changed from suits to political garb.

Since Mitra and Derek O’Brien who are suave and can juggle around with words to media and critics, Mamata appointed them as national spokespersons. Mamata who has no patience to answer the media on silly topics like rape comment by her MP is now probably happy that Mitra had finally hit national headlines.

All this took place for a tweet on a car ride by Ratan Tata who admired the greenery on his way from airport but saw no industries. Probably, Mitra might declare the area that leads to Rajarhat as SEZ or the investors from Singapore where Mamata is headed to invite them will be taken on a different route which is teeming with industries.