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Congress Treasurer has nine government houses

New Delhi, Aug 8 (): Rajya Sabha MP Motilal Vora outbeats the UPA squatters occupying government accommodations in Luytens Delhi. He has nine official accommodations allotted to him.

As a Rajya Sabha member, Vora who is also the Congress Treasurer has been allotted house number 33 in Lodhi Estate. Rajya Sabha secretariat in an RTI on the houses of the veteran Congress MP Vora informed that six bungalows and two flats have been given to him apart from the official one.

In the official house lives K C Lenka and Nath Sharma both ex-MPs. One bungalow is occupied by Congress party workers from Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. An MP can rent out his accommodation and getting one such house is the best way to stay in posh localities of Delhi at cheap rates. Rent for a flat is around Rs 15000 and a bungalow can be had for Rs 20,000.

The question that arises is that why MPs should be allowed to rent out government accommodations. As per rules, if an MP has a guest then he can ask for a guest accommodation and this is given for a short duration of not more than six months. These houses are not taken back and out of power MPs stay there and others are used by party workers coming to Delhi from the MP’s State.

Raj Babbar, ex-Congress MP will now be guest of Vora at one of his bungalows that he had been allotted in 2006. Vora’s six flats are in North and South Avenue which is close to Rashtrapati Bhavan. Two flats are in Vithalbhai Patel House.

Rajya Sabha secretariat has asked Vora to retain his official bungalow and give back the other houses. Vora on the other hand claims that he has no knowledge of the seven houses and he has only one in North Avenue and another in South Avenue.

Congress Ministers of UPA who have been defeated are still clinging on to their government houses forcing Lok Sabha secretariat to issue eviction notices since this time, majority of them are first time MPs.