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Bihar teachers get B.Ed degree even before birth

Patna, Aug 7 (): Bihar government school teachers are not adept in imparting knowledge but also in being awarded B.Ed degree even before they were born.

Like the three wise men who told the birth of son of God, teaching institutes in neighbouring states prepared B.Ed degrees in the name of persons who were yet to be born and destined to teach later in Bihar.

A media report has shown degrees that were dated seven years before and as less as three years before birth of the recipient. This is the latest in the teacher recruitment scam in Bihar, started with fanfare by then CM Nitish Kumar, to give jobs to around 32,000 teachers initially so that no school in Bihar goes without a tutor.

In 2010, Supreme Court ordered that the 35,540 vacancies in Bihar’s state-run schools be filled up. It all started with RJD dumping the Staff Selection Commission’s move to invite applications for teacher posts. This happened in 2003. In 2005, when Nitish Kumar became CM, he kick-started the appointments and by 2011 around 1.45 lakh candidates were recruited to teach classes starting from lower to higher secondary level.

A national daily in June reported that Nitish Kumar’s biggest achievement was flawed as it found that at least 20,000 of them were working on fake certificates. Those who did not get jobs filed complaints and an inquiry has begun on the regular teachers. So far, 306 have been sacked.

The reason for predating the degree is that if there are two applicants for the same job with equal qualification, then the one who passed out earlier is given preference.

In the case of contract teachers, an eligibility test has to be passed even after getting B.Ed. As per Supreme Court directives, Bihar DEOs were told by Education Director that before disbursing the first month salary, the certificates have to be verified but it was not done. Personnel right from the village head are involved in the scam. Bihar education authorities say that at least 3000 of the teachers are having fake degrees.