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Why is Kerala police after Chidambaram ?

Kochi, Aug 6 (): Chidambaram, the former Finance Minister was sought to be framed in a blackmail case pursued by Kerala Police.

Jayachandran,the accused and his two lady accomplices were picked up for blackmailing some businessmen and later one of the victims committed suicide. Now, the trio faces a case of having abetted suicide. Jayachandran who was picked up near MLA Hostel in the capital was alleged to have stayed in a room booked by ex-Congress MLA Sarathchandra Prasad.

Two lady accomplices who surrendered to court say that police had asked them to mention the names of some State Congress and Central minister; they were asked to name ex-Finance Minister Chidambaram as one of the persons whom they blackmailed using CD. They however refused.

Chidambaram being targeted by Kerala police which is governed by Congress has raised eyebrows.

Chidambaram’s wife Nalini had recently appeared in Kochi court to plead on behalf of DLF in which Robert Vadra is said to have links. DLF in Kochi has alleged to have encroached lakes to build a plush apartment complex.

Central pressure on IPS officers in Kerala police to implicate Chidambaram could be one angle. As Central officers are under Home ministry headed by Rajnath Singh, the accused’s revelation could put Chidambram in a spot.

Already, CBI is readying a charge sheet on Maran’s Aircel deal plan to include Chidambaram and his son in later stages. CBI had given a report that Chidambaram’s son Karti was involved in money laundering when his father was Finance minister. It is widely known that TN CM has no love lost for Chidambaram and family.

Chidambaram’s wife was involved as a lawyer with Saradha chit fund scam. Chidambaram was supposed to head Rajya Sabha by getting elected through Karnataka. In Tamil Nadu, the Chidambaram group in the TNCC faces isolation since G K Vasan and other groups have come together.

The blackmailers enticed customers for sex and then had it recorded. The idea was to target Congress politicians during LS poll time as they were having money got from Delhi for campaign.