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Rahul Gandhi’s pro-active role in Parliament stuns BJP

New Delhi,Aug 6 (): Rahul Gandhi stunned the nation and BJP when he joined his party MPs in the well of the Lok Sabha as Speaker declined to go in for a discussion on rising communal violence in India.

Rahul Gandhi said that the Speaker was partial towards BJP and without mentioning name said that she wanted only one voice to be heard in the House. The Speaker turned down an adjournment motion tabled by Congress.

BJP’s reaction has been showing that it was taken aback by Rahul Gandhi‘s presence in the well of the House as veterans point out that Rahul Gandhi remains only a MP but not a leader of legislature party or Opposition leader.

BJP crying foul shows that it has not got over the Gandhi fixation. The pro–active Rahul Gandhi is seen as sending a message that he is in forefront of the party agitation. Parliamentarians feel that BJP overreacted on Rahul Gandhi’s pro-active role as he did not hold any responsible position as MP in UPA.

They say that if Sonia Gandhi who held important positions including UPA Chairperson had done like what Rahul Gandhi did then probably the reaction would have been justified. In the previous Parliament, statesmen like Advani or Sushma Swaraj maintained the decorum as they were holding responsible posts , say veterans.

Rahul Gandhi’s action being blown by BJP shows that though it condemns dynasty and says it has ended feels that it shows a revival of a Gandhi scion.

Reactions from BJP came from mostly first time MPs who were quite immature as they harped on past Parliamentary performance of Rahul Gandhi and saying that Leader of Opposition post was the reason. BJP’s reaction only added to media hype to another innocuous move which would not have been an issue.

Many of the comments from BJP MPs were that Congress was getting back at them for all the logjams in the past LS session. A query from a TV anchor whether BJP was condemning a behaviour that it followed during UPA and expect UPA in opposition to be silent went unanswered.