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World War I : Europe marks war anniversary

Aug 5 (): Dignitaries from all over the world have graced the services held at various places in different countries remembering the centenary of Britain’s announcement of war on Germany.

August 4, Monday marks the 100th Anniversary of Great Britain declaring war on Germany. In 1914 British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith announced at 11pm that Britain was to enter the war after Germany had violated Belgium’s neutrality. The war announcement prompted a four-year global war that killed more than 9 million people and changed the political landscape of the world.

Prime Minister Cameron and Prince William, second in line to the throne, attended the 100th anniversary ceremonies in Scotland and Belgium on Monday.

A service held at Glasgow Cathedral to mark the war anniversary, focused on the involvement of Commonwealth nations to World War I.

Former enemies of the First World War united for the 100th anniversary celebrations. Representatives from Germany, Britain, Belgium and France stood together at an Allied Memorial to mark one of the great early battles.

Belgium’s King Philippe and other heads of state attended the Liège ceremony at the Allies’ Memorial, adjacent to where German troops invaded Belgium in the early hours of Aug. 4, 1914 – the event which brought Britain into the war.

On the eve of war 100 years ago, lights were switched off across Britain on Monday night for an hour in homage to the deceased of World War I stirred by the visionary observation of foreign minister of Britain.

Edward Grey told an associate, shortly before Britain declared war on Germany on Aug. 4, 1914 that the lamps are going out all over Europe and they shall not see them lit again in their lifetime.

British landmarks, including Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament, went dark from 10 p.m. local time (2100 GMT), and Prime Minister David Cameron had asked Britons to switch off all but a single light in their homes for an hour.