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Indian government under UPA was run by USA

New Delhi, Aug 5 (): Indian Government under UPA was influenced by America’s CIA operatives according to ex-MEA Natwar Singh. He claims that CIA had opposed his induction as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Sonia Gandhi had told him about this.

Singh claimed that CIA had infiltrated all spheres of Indian government and dictated policies that were suitable to them. Singh said that CIA did not want Pranab Mukherjee to be Finance Minister and they were rooting for Montek Singh. However, this did not come about.

In an interview, he said that US had an hand in him being divested of the petroleum ministry as he was backing the Iran oil pipeline. US ambassador had told him they had a sanction act against Iran-Libya and that if the proposed pipeline that was to start from Iran through Pakistan and reach India took off then this sanctions that were kept in abeyance might be activated against India.

Singh said that Mani Shankar Aiyar too had protested about dropping of oil pipeline. He said Manmohan Singh told him that the cost was too high and unviable. Singh says that US put the condition that the pipeline project be shelved in return for nuclear deal. He adds that ten days after the PM told him that the pipeline deal was off, the US- Indian government signed the nuke deal.

Singh claimed Indian government was full of officials working for US and said that even the intelligence agencies were having US moles. He said that those officials in Indian government who worked for US interests had relatives working in America and in well-paid jobs.

He said that US embassy has 130 officials while India has only 25 people in its US embassy. He said half of them in India are CIA operatives. Singh says that he was not anti-US but only Indian government to not be a client state.

Indian government policies were not decided by US during Indira Gandhi era, he said. Pradhan who was Home secretary during the time Rajiv Gandhi was killed says that Sonia did not suggest Narasimha Rao for PM. Congress working committee elected Rao as interim president. The other contender for PM post was Pawar.

Pradhan, an aide of Rao talked Pawar into stepping out of the race and instead be a cabinet minister. This he did for Rao’s sake and for Sonia. Sonia had told him that she wanted Manmohan Singh as PM. Singh was UGC head and not UPSC chief as mentioned in the book, says Pradhan.

Natwar Singh’s tell-all book is sold out and is going for reprint while the author is planning a sequel to the book.