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Mamata Banerjee launches Operation Pig

Kolkata, Aug 4 (): Mamata Banerjee’s latest target is ‘dirty pigs’ of West Bengal and especially those in the capital city.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has for now asked the cops to shift focus from BJP and other opposition parties and ordered that the city ‘s pigs should be packed off due to the outbreak of encephalitis that has till now claimed 119 lives.

BJP has asked the Governor to ask Mamata Banerjee ministry to stop the epidemic and Congress says Operation Pig is just a “hogwash”. Policemen across the State are now running behind pigs and giving criminals and anti-socials a much needed relief.

Police as per Operation Pig, are catching scores of pigs and sending them off to garbage dumping grounds. Mamata Banerjee has categorized the urban pigs as the main culprits in spreading the disease as they are dirty, live in slums and has contact with humans.

Rural areas see pigs being packed off in stinking lorries to garbage dumps, while the capital city Mayor has put them in an area where there are CCTV cameras, fans and mosquito nets so that they are not carriers of the disease.

Chowdhry,a Rahul Gandhi aide, picked to head the Congress in the State is not impressed with Mamata Banerjee’s Operation Pig or the brainchild of Kolkata Mayor. He says that pigs are getting a good VIP treatment when humans are dying of the disease due to poor sanitation.

The Deputy Mayor has decided to go one step further and open more such five-star shelters for pigs. CPM’s member in the city corporation asks as to how CCTV and fans can stop the virus spreading from the shelters.

Neither the city authorities nor the police are trained to catch pigs. A pig’s legs are tied and hosted on a bamboo pole and dumped into trucks. Now, animal rights NGOs have come out with protests. Police and district authorities are also scared that the pig owners might group together and attack them. Mamata Banerjee might have to come up with something more than Operation Pig to stop the epidemic sweeping the State.