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CBI moves to help Reliance in 2G scam

New Delhi,Aug 4 (): CBI director Ranjit Sinha according to special public prosecutor Uday U Lalit, who has been appointed judge in the Supreme Court, has been trying to torpedo the case against Reliance Telecom owned by Anil Dhirubai Ambani group and its three directors in 2G spectrum allocation scam.

Lalit has questioned the motive of CBI director and DIG in-charge investigating 2G scam, Santosh Rastogi, for sending him a draft of the request , seeking time for further probe in the case against Reliance.

DNA reports that in a letter dated June 30, 2014 , Lalit reply refers to a draft sent by Santosh Rastogi. A note tagged along with the draft says that CBI Director Ranjit Sinha has found new evidence in the 2G case, which goes against the present chargesheet filed against Reliance Telecom. It says the CBI wants to stop the ongoing trial against Reliance and start a fresh probe.

Rastogi’s letter and attached note make it obvious that the draft was sent to Lalit on behalf of CBI Director Ranjit Sinha who claims to have found new facts in the 2G case. The acceptance of this draft would have been serious.

Lalit pointed out that CBI demand to re-open the investigations against Reliance which is facing a trial court means that the ongoing three-year long trial will be suspended. CBI will start investigation all over again and will file a supplementary charge sheet for a new trial. The acceptance would also give relief to Kanimozhi, Raja and Chandra.

Lalit whose elevation as SC judge came in for criticism for being pro-BJP has in his reply blasted the CBI for this suggestion. Modi is said to be very close to Ambanis. He refused to argue the case if CBI had any idea to reopen the investigation.

Though CBI director says he has no idea about such a letter, legal experts say that as Lalit is a judge and a new SPP appointed, the draft could be accepted and the trial put off. The main thrust of the argument made out in the CBI draft was that Clause 8 of Unified Service Access Licence guidelines should not apply to the applicants. If this is accepted in the Reliance case, the applicant was Shahid Balwa of Swan Telecom and the entire case against Reliance and Balwa falls apart.

Reliance had more than 10% stake in Swan and this violation of clause 8 and the case was that it used the company to acquire license and frequency for more than it was allotted. Three of Reliance directors took the blame and went to jail and after one year they were released on bail.

In another turn, Rastogi, the DIG who probed the 2G scam has been shifted to Crime branch. The hearing is to be over on August 13 and Lalit has not appeared as SPP; the new prosecutor could decide on whether to accept the CBI plea to reopen the investigation. If this happens, the 2G scam listed as the second biggest misuse of power in the World by TIME magazine could just fizzle out and Anil Ambani and A Raja along with him would have the last laugh.