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A Bond in Kerala police custody with Maoist link

Kochi, Aug 4 (): Bond movies have a great fan following and Kerala police is no exception. Only this time the state police force has a ‘Bond’ in custody and has no evidence to nail him.

As Bond is a foreign national, not from the British secret service but from Switzerland, Kerala cops who are already battling a case foisted on Italian marines dragged into international litigation is now stuck with this Bond whom they took in for being a Maoist.

A Swiss national, Jonathan Bond came to Kerala with his girlfriend to study the history of Leftist organizations. Instead of meeting CPM and CPI leaders for taking history lessons, Bond left his girlfriend in the hotel room and left for a public function where a memorial lecture was held for Sinoj who died making bombs in Andhra. Bond made the mistake of going through the city engagement column and decided to attend the function.

The organizers were thrilled to see a white man in their midst. They invited him to speak on stage and he did speak on Leftist movement with limited knowledge gathered from Google. Kerala police intelligence sleuths in plain clothes viewed the function and recorded the speech. The video recording reached the top brass and they saw a possibility to hit national headlines by arresting Bond. Taking a court order for it, they took him in.

Kerala police sleuths raided Bond’s room and found nothing but his girlfriend. At first to cover up the goof-up they said that Maoist literature was recovered. This was not enough to put a foreign national under any anti-national act.

Meanwhile, NSA Chief Ajit Doval who saw the news on TV was told by central agencies that a Swiss national named Bond has been nabbed by Kerala cops. NIA was sent in and they found that the State police was not having any leads and they decided to exit as they did not want to be involved in any diplomatic row.

Now, the police has found that Bond came on a tourist visa and so he is not allowed to speak on public platforms; so, a case on this ground is to be filed. Bond is enjoying the media attention as Arun Jaitley appointed SIT to bring back black money from Swiss is clueless.

Meanwhile, human rights organizations and NGOs have moved the courts on behalf of Bond.