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Tamil Muslims in ISIS T-shirts create alarm

Chennai/Ramanathapuram,Aug 3 (): Tamil Muslim youths numbering around 20, wearing black T-shirts with ‘ISIS’ printed on them and posing in front of a mosque, has gone viral on social media, creating an alarm in the intelligence wing of the Tamil Nadu State police.

It has decided to step up surveillance in Ramanathapuram district, even though initial investigation reports cleared the group of any terror links. Already there is a lookout notice for a Tamil Nadu lad who is fighting along with ISIS in Iraq.

Police cyber wing has tracked the post to a destination outside India and the location was the big mosque in Ramanathapuram, a place which is a Muslim-dominated area and easily accessible from Sri Lanka.

An ISI operative of Lankan origin was picked up in the coastal town. Central security agencies are monitoring the recruitment of Jihadis to fight in Iraq. Bihar and Kashmir are the states that are fertile grounds for recruiting Jihadis. It is now that Tamil youths are being lured to join ISIS.

The Tamil Nadu police is worried as the Facebook post has got hundreds of likes and positive comments. A Muslim youth from Parangipettai has been reported to be with the Sunni militants-led ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) in Syria fighting the Iraqi government.

Sangai Ridwan posted in Facebook hailing ISIS in Tamil. He compared the ISIS fight to those conducted by INA by freedom fighters like Subhash Chandra Bose. Though the likes are more, many are shocked at the support of Tamil youth to a terror organization.

The support from Tamil youth comes in the background of ISIS leader and self-proclaimed Caliph saying that a final Jihad to liberate India and give Muslims their rights has come.

Al-Qaeda and LeT along with Taliban are said to be grouping in Kashmir valley for a Jihad. Dawood Ibrahim who funds terror attacks is said to have made a deal with a terror outfit in Nigeria to smuggle drugs to India. Dr Swamy said that Sri Lankan Muslims are being used to create terror in India.