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Mysterious ‘lake’ appears in the middle of Tunisian Desert

Gafsa, Aug 3 (): A mysterious lake that suddenly appeared in Tunisian desert has formed an unplanned “beach” in the drought-ridden nation.

About three weeks ago, this large body of water was discovered by local shepherds along Om Larayes Rd, nearly 25km away from Gafsa, the southern Tunisian city, reports say. Nobody yet knows why, how and when or why the lake has appeared mysteriously in the middle of Tunisian desert suddenly. No scientific reason has been given yet for the formation of the lake.

Since the lake was discovered, hundreds of people have gathered at the oasis-like creation, dubbed as “Gafsa Beach” or “Lac de Gafsa”. Families swim in the lake, youth leap into the lake’s clear waters from surrounding rocks and the cautious — and the curious  come prepared with scuba gear.

Still authorities have not given any official explanation for the origin of the lake but geologists in the local area believe that seismic activity might have upset the water table beneath the earth and would have caused the groundwater to come up to the earth’s surface.

After two weeks of discovering the lake, Office of Public Safety of Gafsa warned the Tunisians that it was not suitable for swimming in the lake. But, there is no ban offered from the government offices on swimming in the lake, so, the Tunisians are still swimming in the lake. The region has rich phosphate content and heavily excavated for it. There are doubts that the lake water might be contaminated or even radioactive.

Reports say the water that started off as crystalline blue colour has since turned into a murky green with algae that could be carcinogenic.

Observers estimate the new formed water body covers an area of about 2.6 acres and measures more than 50 feet at its deepest point. This incomprehensible formation of a water body has left many perplexed.