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Lampard’s move to ManCity won’t affect loyal fans

London, Aug 3 (ANI): Frank Lampard is moving from Chelsea to Manchester City, and according to winger Nevin it won’t change his image for the Chelsea fans.

Lampard has won three Premier League titles at Chelsea, as well as the Champions League in 2012.

Nevin said that the transfer won’t damage the way Chelsea fans feel about him long term. Supporting which, Chelsea fans’ groups agreed, saying they will not begrudge Lampard’s move.

Chelsea Supporters’ Group chair Trizia Fiorellino said that there will definitely be a few idiots but the majority of fans will not go against him.

However, he added that it will be strange to see Lampard in a Manchester City shirt but still he couldn’t begrudge him.

Lampard, who scored 211 goals in 649 matches over 13 years at Chelsea to become the club’s record scorer, signed a two-year deal at New York City last month.

However, with the MLS season not getting under way until March 2015, he has joined Premier League champions City, who own the MLS franchise, until mid-January. (ANI)