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Israeli soldier thought captured is declared dead

Jerusalem, Aug 3 (): The Israeli military announced on Sunday morning that an officer who had been assumed to be caught by Palestinian rebels during a fatal clash on Friday morning that devastated a proposed 72-hour truce is now considered to have been killed in battle.

Early Sunday, the military made an announcement that the 23-year-old solider Hadar Goldin of the Givati infantry brigade had been killed on Friday in the intense fighting. The defense minister of Israel, along with chief military official, met the family of the soldier in their home in the town of Kfar Saba.

Many from all over the country gathered outside his home, showing their support and offering prayers for the solider. There was an outburst of anguish when the announcement of the military was made public.

The military said before taking the conclusion, all medical concerns, religious observations and additional related matters were taken into consideration.

Previously, the military of Israel had said it thought the soldier was caught in a Hamas ambush in about one hour after a globally brokered truce came into effect on Friday morning.

Soon after it was thought the soldier was kidnapped Friday, the Israeli military conducted extensive hunts in the region and engaged in heavy firing that killed scores of Palestinians.

On Saturday, Hamas dissociated itself from the alleged capture of the solider, which had provoked widespread international criticism. President of US Barack Obama, the chief of United Nations Ban Ki-moon and others had called for his immediate and unconditional release.

Since the Gaza war began in July 8, nearly 1,712 Palestinians, including women and children have been killed and more than 9,000 have been wounded, health official of Palestine Ashraf al-Kidra said. Media shows pictures of mosques, schools and homes smashed into rubbles.

Now, Israel has lost three civilians and 64 soldiers, its highest death toll since its 2006 war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Hundreds of soldiers have been injured.