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Filmmakers set to make superhero movie on ‘Terracotta Warriors’

London, Aug 03 (ANI): Filmmakers from Britain, America, and China have joined forces in order to make a superhero Hollywood movie based on the Terracotta Warriors.

In the first collaboration of its kind, all three countries would produce a superhero movie based on the 8,000 sculptures of soldiers which were buried in about 210BC and discovered by farmers at a city-size mausoleum in China’s Xi’an province in 1974, the Daily Express reported.

US giant Paramount and executives from Pinewood Studios, in Buckinghamshire, revealed that the big-budget project, which would be called either ‘Rise Of The Terracotta Warriors’ or ‘Super Terracotta Warriors’, could be the first of many films.

The project was the brainchild of producer Avi Arad and the movie plot would depict the tale of terracotta warriors coming back to life in modern times to save the world from an alien invasion. It would be shot at Shanghai’s Chedun studio which technical experts from Pinewood would help to transform into what Mr Zhonglun describes as a “world class film city”.

An executive at Paramount said that this would be an important step forward in a relationship that they believe would lead to truly global branding and franchising, with all the commercial, merchandising and advertising spin-offs that would open up. (ANI)