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Sri Lanka acts a bully against Tamil Nadu and Jayalalithaa

Chennai, Aug 1 ():  Sri Lanka  has displayed its uglier side yet another time by posting an article on its Defence website  titled  ‘How meaningful are Jayalalithaa’s love letters to Narendra Modi?’ on July 31.

Pointing out Subramanian Swamy’s recent statement that Tamil Nadu would not come in between Indo- Lanka relations, it was reported that Jayalalithaa’s outbursts were in fact souring the otherwise positive  stance of the Modi-led government at the centre.

The writer emphasized the fact that the International Maritime Border Line (IMBL) drawn up in 1974 and 1976 is a bilateral agreement between the two countries and that Jayalalithaa cannot change the legality of the agreement despite her ‘cries and hoots.’

Katchatheevu came under the authority of Sri Lanka following the IMBL; Sri Lanka’s claim to Katchatheevu was made in 1924, while as far back as 1876 the island was cited as belonging to Sri Lanka even by the colonial invaders, the article pointed out. The report reiterated that it is only the Tamil fishermen who violated the IMBL and agreement by poaching in Sri Lankan waters.

The controversial and malicious article written in poor taste with a picture of Jayalalithaa  and Narendra Modi created a storm in the country across various political parties, post which the picture has been pulled out of the website.

Political parties in Tamil Nadu, including the state BJP unit and allies, the PMK and MDMK, have reacted heatedly, condemning the tone of the article’s headline and the image. They have also demanded New Delhi to snap diplomatic ties with Sri Lanka and an apology from Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

On the sidelines, Ruwan  Wanigasuriya, Army spokesperson has warned that Tamil fishermen will be prevented from entering Katchatheevu. The fishermen from Ramanathapuram,Pudukkottai,Nagappatinam and Karaikal districts are on an indefinite strike seeking release of boats seized by the Lankan Navy and Tamil fishermen arrested by the Navy. The fishermen have planned to take siege of Katchatheevu on August 2 in protest against the terrorizing stance of Sri Lankan Navy.