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Sex , spycam, blackmail, Congress in Kerala’s new scandal

Kochi, Aug 1 (): Sex scandal involving politicians, film actors and businessmen has erupted in Kerala.

A man who was blackmailed by a gang of two women and a man committed suicide. The irony is that the two women are giving interviews to TV channels but the police is not able to nab them; the official version is that they have gone into hiding. The police at first questioned the women and let them off as there was no complaint of blackmailing from anybody and could charge them for abetting suicide at the best.

Now to charge the women, the police are on a hunt. The man who is a member of the gang was all along staying in MLA hostel and the room was booked by a Congress ex-MLA. The police say that the man was picked near the hostel but there was no evidence to show that the wanted man was staying in the hostel. The Speaker says that the man did stay in the room. Police has picked up a laptop of the man who is said to have masterminded the blackmail operation.

The sex scandal comes just after a solar scam scandal. This involved a woman who promised the moon to buyers of her solar energy panel and many believing her invested in lakhs to get a share of the booming business. Many of the Congress leaders were the conduits that she used and after the bubble burst, she started revealing selective names of people who she said had raped her and then went back on promises to help her with bulk orders and central subsidy.

After a few months in jail and hogging media attention, the woman is out on bail and is a celebrity. The latest sex scandal involves Bindu Thomas, Rukhshana and Jayachandran. A fourth person who is the mastermind is not in the picture and is said to be a central government employee. The modus operandi was to target politicians especially during election time as they would not want a scandal to erupt. The women have not named the politicians or the actor. The game was perfect but it went bust when they were blackmailing a person for three crores.

Bindu handed over a CD that was a recording of her amorous acts with the man and recorded by a spy camera. The man had agreed to pay Rs 10 lakhs if the CD was given to him. The CD did not feature him and instead it was his friend in erotica. This goof-up cost Bindu dearly as the man got belligerent. The friend on hearing this committed suicide. The man told the cops about the reason for suicide.

Police had no evidence except the man’s version. After this, many VIPs came to the cops through higher-ups asking them to destroy any evidence in case the women came up with. The women were questioned and let off with an order to appear when needed. The two women have vanished but are seen in some channel or the other giving exclusive bytes.

Police now say the laptop got from Jayachandran will be a turning point. If Bindu after the goof-up had not demanded more money, the complaint would not have been made. Greed and sex-starved politicians still running behind skirts despite many public outrages has not dipped.

Sources say Home Minister who heads a faction of Congress against CM Chandy will use the CDs to his advantage in the fight to get a berth for his nominee in the cabinet. The first fallout is that MLA hostel rules got stricter for ex-MLAs.

In yet another sex scandal that is creating waves is a party hosted on a luxury boat in Kochi and a film producer is said to be behind it. As usual, the police found no drugs but only beer bottles and alcohol on board. As the boat does not have a licence to sell liquor, the excise department will fine them. Excise has no powers to seize a boat and now Kochi police is left holding a boat that it does not know what to do with. The names of those partied on the boat are still a mystery and so is the identity of the film producer.