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Jigarthanda – piping hot!

Chennai, Aug 1 () : Karthik Subburaj’s second film Jigarthanda opens with an encounter scene and keeps you hooked for the entire duration of 2 hours and 50 minutes. Assault Sethu, the character played by Bobby Simha is the highlight of the film, and it compares with one of the best known gangster characters in Indian cinema – Bhiku Matre, played by Manoj Bajpai in the movie Satya, directed by Ramgopal Varma.

 Jigarthanda - piping hot!This belongs to the neo-noir genre, though the femme-fatale angle of the genre isn’t well developed. It was announced as a musical gangster story, and it has all the elements of the gangster story and more, while discounting the usual template of a gangster movie.

Screenplay of the movie is extremely taut, especially in the first half. The lighter moments in the movie gel well with the storyline and it is easy on the eyes and ears.

All the actors play their parts very well, which include Simha, Siddharth, Karuna, Ambika, Sangili Murugan, Aadukalam Naren and the actors who played the characters Raasu, Senthil, Soundar, Muthu and the reporter. Cameo by Vijay Sethupathi is enjoyable and the one by Nasser is pretty good. Music is another highlight of the movie and the songs are woven very well in the movie. Paandinaattu Kodi and Ding Dong are a treat to watch and the choreography of Paandinaattu Kodi needs to be applauded.

 Jigarthanda - piping hot!An aspiring director Karthik, played by Siddharth goes to Madurai on an adventurous trip to understand the life of a gangster Sethu, played by Simha, to make a movie out of it. He is aided by his friend Oorni, played by Karuna and there he meets an idly-seller Kayal, played by Lakshmi Menon, who becomes his love interest. What follows is a series of thrills, action and comedy.

A few reasons why you should watch this movie – taut screenplay, good cinematography, Bobby Simha’s screen presence, music, and the simple storyline with the twists that you come to expect of Karthik Subburaj, though he is only two films old.

Bottomline – Jigarthanda is a commendable movie and it is the best Tamil movie till date in the year 2014.