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Gaza ‘miracle baby’ dies due to power cuts

Gaza, Aug 1 (): The miracle baby girl, who was saved from the womb of her mother killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza, died in an intensive care unit in Gaza  due to complications and power cuts affecting the intensive care unit where she was treated.

The girl baby died Wednesday in Khan Younis Hospital in southern Gaza. She was named Shayma Sheikh al-Eid, after her dead mother. Shayma Sheikh al-Eid, the baby’s mother was twenty three years old and eight months pregnant when her family’s Deir al-Balah home was attacked by an Israeli tank.

As soon as her home was blasted by the tank, it was shattered and the pregnant lady was trapped beneath the rubbles of her home. Paramedics rescued her from the rubbles and she was rushed immediately to the hospital, but Shayma Sheikh al-Eid died on the way to the hospital.

Doctors at the hospital noticed movement in al-Eid’s belly; she was found to be carrying a 36 weeks baby in her womb. They did an emergency Caesarian section to deliver the premature child and baby Shayma was delivered successfully.

The baby ran out of oxygen supply after her mother’s death, still the doctors got her out and gave life. But, after birth she was hooked up to a respirator at the maternity ward in Khan Yunis Hospital in southern Gaza. In spite of all the efforts taken by the doctors to save the baby, she died Wednesday.

Head of the maternity ward at Nasser Hospital, Abdel Karem Al-Bawab, told that the baby suffered an oxygen deficiency in the womb after her mother’s heart stopped. And this deficiency instigated the baby to asphyxiate unpredictably, making her brain go dead.

Dr Fadi Al-Khrote told the child was a ‘miracle’ as the woman had been clinically dead for ten minutes.

Shayma’s grieving mother and grandmother Mirvat Qanan told she was hoping the baby would stay alive as she was a connection to her daughter.