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Lottery King Martin to make a comeback ?

Chennai, July 31 (): Lottery King Santigo Martin is creating short-cuts to do business in Kerala according to his PR agency who has given a distorted version of the Supreme Court verdict.

Martin is known as ‘king of illegal lottery’. He is the distributor of Sikkim lottery in India,that promises high returns. Kerala had banned this lottery as it did not offer any valid answers to the queries raised by it under a revised Act on operating paper lotteries. Kerala had already banned online lottery run by Martin.

Martin now claims that Supreme Court has now given approval to do business in Kerala while CM Chandy has said that he will not be able to step into the State. In Tamil Nadu, Martin had the political backing of DMK and AIADMK coming to power has foisted land grab cases.

Martin has a CBI case of cheating Sikkim government of Rs 4500 crores. As per Central lottery act, any state that conducts lottery cannot ban other state lotteries. Tamil Nadu banned all lottery sales including its own but DMK regime closed its eyes to Martin printing Sikkim lottery tickets in Tenkasi and conducting its own draw. This was spread to nearby States and other parts of India.

Kerala has a rule where sales tax on paper lottery has to be approved after due sanctions. Martin could neither come up with answers to the mode of operations nor Sikkim lottery; he was denied authority to sell. This is to circumvent the Central law that other state lottery cannot be banned if it operates its own lottery.

Martin’s brother went in appeal to Kerala high court and the government went to Supreme Court. The verdict from SC does not clear the way for Martin to come back to Kerala. Martin financed two films that had Karunanidhi writing the screenplay. The Kerala lottery director who held additional charge was relived of the posting.