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US evacuates Embassy in Libya amid unrest

Tripoli, July 27 (): After heavy fighting for few days among the militias that stresses disorder prevailing in Libya, the United States have evacuated its Libyan embassy and moved its staff to safety regions in neighboring Tunisia, the State Department said on Saturday.

Many people have been injured and killed in the clashes, which have fumed for weeks and have shut down Tripoli’s international airport. The announcement of evacuating the Libyan embassy came hours later the interim government of the country cautioned the clashes among militia fighting for the control of strategic airport were frightening to tear up Libya apart.

The U.S. Embassy is situated near the chaos area where several heaviest fighting had occurred, and rival militias are equipped with heavy arms that fell on their hands three years before after the uprising that tumbled leader Moammar Gadafi. Some other embassies have also been abandoned, and aid groups and the United Nations missions have also escaped the violence.

The evacuation of the U.S Embassy began at around 5:00 am (0300 GMT) when the sky above the capital was filled with helicopters and military jets’ sound, a correspondent reported.

The State Department says it has put off the embassy processes due to “the ongoing violence between the Libyan militias.” The officials have recommended the U.S. citizens residing in Libya to depart immediately.

John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, said “militia violence” is going on in the capital. Even though the Tripoli’s violence is not aiming at the embassy, he said, “very real threat” to the personnel has prompted the choice to vacate the diplomatic staffs to Tunisia, from where they would move to other places to carry on efforts to comfort the unrest.

The security source of Libya said the operation from air was the group of embassy vehicles’ escort on the ground which moved westwards from Tripoli overland for the neighboring Tunisia’s safety. Fighting at the airport stopped abruptly and convoy moved shortly out of the capital, witnesses said.