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Why BJP and Congress attacked Sania Mirza ?

Hyderabad, July 26 (): Sania Mirza is seen by BJP state President Laxman as a person who will bring in Muslim votes for TRS in Hyderabad. The reality is that MIM that controls Muslim votes in the capital has no regard for Sania Mirza.

In fact, some time back a fatwa was issued on Sania Mirza for her short skirts and sleeveless tops. Incidentally, BJP had blasted the Muslim cleric who issued the fatwa. Laxman’s argument holds water as Malavath Purna, the 13 year old girl from a tribal community of Telangana’s Nizamabad district who scaled Mt Everest was given only Rs 25 lakhs by the CM while Sania Mirza who earns in crores was given Rs 1 crore for being a brand ambassador.

Interestingly, the State unit of Congress too is on the same page as BJP. Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Congress chief agrees with Laxman as Sania is neither daughter of the soil and nor has she taken part in the agitation for Telangana statehood or spoken in favour of it. Lakshmaiah as sports minister turned down a request from Sania Mirza to get free land to start a tennis academy. Congress MP Hanumantha Rao backed Laxman’s daughter- in-law of Pakistan stance.

MIM (Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) once an ally has only contempt for Sania Mirza as it is an orthodox outfit that does not encourage women to perform in public and that too in short skirts showing undergarments.

Congress by opposing Sania Mirza in Telangana hopes to keep MIM away from TRS and maybe get it back into the fold. MIM on the other hand has said that it would form a Dalit-Muslim front in Maharashtra for upcoming State polls.

Brand ambassadors have been an issue. Big B was not born in Gujarat but he was made brand ambassador by Modi. On the same grounds, Congress and Left dropped him in Kerala.

Sania Mirza’s lengthy background description of her great grandfather’s link to Hyderabad is of use to Wikipedia and her fans but Pakistan media comment could be interesting.

Meantime, MP Shashi Tharoor on background of the daughter-in-law of Pakistan row had a narrow escape if journalist Nalini Singh’s statement before the court hearing the mystery death of Sunanda Pushakar is true. Nalini claims that Sunanda told her Shashi was to divorce her after the elections and marry the Pakistani woman journalist. If it had happened, then he would have been the son-in-law of Pakistan.