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Sir Chris Hoy asked to prove ID at velodrome named Sir Chris Hoy!

London, July 25 (ANI): Scottish former track cyclist Sir Chris Hoy was reportedly asked to show his ID as he tried to enter a velodrome that was named after him.

The Six-time Olympic gold medallist was allegedly checked at the door of the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome as he made his way to watch the Commonwealth Games’ opening day.

Hoy was at the venue in Glasgow to watch the cycling and the cycling legend defended the steward who was left red-faced after asking the Edinburgh-born athlete to show his ID, The Daily Express reported.

Hoy posted on Twitter that the steward was only doing her job.

It was reportedly revealed that after the female security guard did not recognise Hoy, the former cyclist explained who he was and was allowed in by the official.

The official informed that Hoy was on the phone at the time she asked him for ID and on-air offered her apologises. The unnamed woman pleaded apology from Hoy and added that she did not realise who he was. (ANI)