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Sadhvi Prachi vows to fight till loudspeakers are re-installed in Moradabad temple

Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh), July 25 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sadhvi Prachi on Friday, reiterated her stand of not giving up on her fight to re-install loudspeakers in the Lord Shiva Temple in Moradabad.

A defiant Sadhvi Prachi said: “I will continue to fight for this mission in my life. There was loudspeaker even before. Hence, till the time the loudspeaker is re-installed, our fight will continue. I will fight for the self-respect of the Hindu.”

She added, “There is pressure of the government; everything is happening because of one minister, it is because of him that Hindus living in the western part of the state are facing hardship, as he is hurting their sentiments.”

Meanwhile, the Superintendent- of -Police (SP) of Bijnor, Sanjay Singh said,”As per the information that we received that in Kanth where there is a Shiva temple situated in Akbarpur’s chanderi village, there were some dispute over re- installation of a loudspeaker, and she (Sadhvi Prachi) was heading for Jalabhishek there , and as per the orders we sent her back to Haridwar.”

Police today detained BJP leader Sadhvi Prachi here who was on her way to Moradabad to take part in Vishwa Hindutva Parishad’s proposed ‘Jalabhishek march’.

At the epicentre of the trouble in Moradabad is a temple in Muslim dominated Akbarpur village belonging to the Jatav community. Trouble started last month after a section of villagers protested against installation of a loudspeaker in the temple.

The VHP has reportedly demanded re-installation of loudspeakers and wants to hold to perform puja at the temple. (ANI)